12V 20000mAh Car Jump Starter Booster Jumper Portable Engine Emergency Charger Auto Power Bank Battery Charger

12V 20000mAh Car Jump Starter Booster Jumper Portable Engine Emergency Charger Auto Power Bank Battery Charger

What is Portable Jump Starter? 

It is a small, compact pack of battery which is built to give an electric boost to the car's battery when it gets discharged and is not able to start the car. It comes with specially designed cables and a battery powerbank that looks small but can be heavily loaded with power to give boost to car's battery.

Do portable car jump starters works?

Yes. They works. If they are used as per the instructions given in the instructional guide then they actually works. Portable car jump starters are built with good features and are absolutely safe and anyone can use it by simply following the instructions. So get one today and you will need to call any road side assistance whenever you car gets off. It can jump start your vehicle’s dead battery or be used as a power pack to charge Smartphones, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5, Tablets, PDAs, Digital Cameras, Games, and more; with a built in 5V/2A USB output, it has a powerful Battery Charger Power Bank.

Is it safe to use Portable car jump starters?

They are absolutely safe and built in to give a boost to your car in need. You just have to make sure that you are using it in a right way.  If you connect all the cables rightly and follow the instructions then your car and you are absolutely safe. Please avoid to get these into kids hands. 

How many times can I jumpstart my car?

If you are jumpstarting your car with your Portable car Jump starter kit or by any means only 1 or 2 times a week then you are fine. But if you are required to jumpstart your car more than 2 times a week then it is time for you to get your car battery checked or get it replaced.

Should I buy a Portable Car Jump starter kit?

Imagine getting stuck in the middle of the road with your car which is not starting from hours. If you don't want to get into this situation then you should get a Portable car Jumps tarter kit today. They can easily start your car by giving a good amount of boost to your car that can help you to start your car and continue with your drive. So what are you waiting for? Grab this amazing camping accessories today from here.

Advantages of Portable Car Jump starter kit.

  • By having this portable car jump starter kit you don't need to wait for your roadside assistance or to ask for help from other drivers passing by. 
  • Sometimes you might get stuck in parking and get stranded and your car won't start. This is where you might need portable car jumpstart kit a lot.
  • Avoid making two set of connections as this comes with more issues and can also cause a major accident if your car battery has gases. By just having Portable car jump starter kit you can have only one connection and avoid this kind of accident.
  • Even if you ask for help from another driver passing buy and they ready to jumpstart your car with their then it can damage their vehicle as well. Avoid this by keeping this portable jumpstarter kit and jumpstart your car yourself.

Aren't these some of the most useful and important advantages of having a Portable car jump starter kit? They get one today and keep yourself and others safe and stop waiting for the help to arrive and save time. 

Let us also see a real experience of our customer had with this. 

Salient Features-

AFFORDABLE AND POWERFUL- Get an all-in-one car starter, power bank and LED flashlight at an affordable price. The performance of this poortable car battery jump starter power pack was just as capable as many of the high-end model and can meet the needs of most people.

SMALLEST AND LIGHTEST: The smallest and lightest portable jump starter power bank in the current market. Only 5.47x3.11x0.67inch for 240g.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Using 3 Lithium Battery Cells for a Powerful 12V charge, it has 20000mAh capacity and 400A peak current, producing up to 30 jumps on a single charge; it can fully protect yourself in an emergency with its red and black Smart Protection Clamps that protect against over-current, reverse-charging, over-voltage, short-circuit, under-voltage, over-temperature and anti-access battery polarity. Can use in the environment for -40°~+80°.

LED DISPLAY AND SOS FLASHLIGHT - When charging, indicator lights will flash one by one. The number of slid indicator lights indicates the battery capacity of the bank. With SOS light for the emergency situation. 

Alert- Do's and Don'ts

  • Don't reverse the operation sequence of the jump starter.
  • Don't use jump starter to start vehicle if the number of indicate or lights are less than 3 to protect the jump start from damage.
  • Don't remove the jump starter from the vehicle battery within 30 seconds after the vehicle started.
  • Special Precautions of The Auto EPS