Basics of Tactical Belt

Basics of Tactical Belt
Military Grade Tactical belt

Today Tactical belts are very much in demand and are preferred and loved not only by our Military men but also by campers, trekkers, sports people, adventurists and also by college guys. In this blog we will be seeing about what a tactical belt is, the purpose of using it and what it's made of and all the information that will help you to decide if you need a tactical belt or not. So let’s get started.

What is a Tactical belt?

Just like the word says “Tactical Belt, So its quality, design is made for the purpose of its durability and long lasting. Tactical belts are made of lightweight and wear-resisting nylon material that has a strong evaporation of sweat, more comfortable and breathable, that feels more flexible, and easy to dry. Tactical belts are made so that you can tie around or carry your equipment or stuff easily. Tactical belts can also be attached to other waits bags, pouches and can endure heavy weights of the equipment and don't even get a scratch. 

Which kind of belt Military use?

Many people think that traditional leather belts with hooks are preferred by military personnel. We actually managed to talk to some military men who are serving for the country and we saw what kind of belt they prefer and what kind of belt they use.

So, briefly explaining, the tactical belt which is made of nylon webbing or or any hard and sturdy fabric webbing is used to built the strap. There are no holes in the strap as the buckle doesnt have the locking system to put its pin inside the holes. This kind of strong, tough and tactical belt is used in the uniforms of armed forces, since it is adjustable, cheap to produce and does not deteriorate easily.

What is a BDU Belt?

A BDU is a kind of tactical belt which is tough, sturdy and is designed to carry a lot of equipment, tools or other MOLLE belt clips that can be attached to carry more things. This belt is designed for the purpose of carrying heavy loads without any problem. This belt is mostly used by our brave Military personnel, trained mechanical personnel or anyone whose work includes carrying tools or other equipment like guns, ammo, pliers, hammers, knives etc. 

The buckle is designed as hollow metal  but tough rectangular box through which the cloth cord passes through, when fastened.

What are Military tactical belts made of?

A good tactical military belt is not made of leather, raxin or demin fabric, but some tough sturdy fabric is used like nylon and the strap is build of webbing and has a tough, heavy and durable metallic buckle to tighten and to keep the belt at its place. 

Purpose of buying a tactical belt.

Traditionally, Tactical belts were built to wear around the waist and to carry your swords, knives, pouches, and were only used by army men. But today's tactical belt is more than that. Today the tactical belt is not only used for the purpose of its durability but it has become a fashion symbol. If you are a camper, trekker, military guy that needs a belt to hang your pouch full of bullets, or waist bangs, or knives or any of your stuff, then Tactical belt right here to get the job done. 

  • Types of Tactical belt.

There are many types of tactical belts to choose, but we are going to discuss the top 3. All of the best ones are available here

Tactical belt for outdoor hunting, sports or for camping- This kind of belt is used for the purpose of its durability. This web belt attached a buckle made of heavy-duty metal. Max bearing weight 1100 lb/500kg. Widely used for military training or outdoor camping expeditions. Buckle are made of zinc alloy.Double ring design.Fashion,sturdy, durable.  It is Durable and lightweight, comfortable and breathable nylon, great for outdoors, travel, casual, working, sports, military.

Military grade tactical nylon waist belt- This belt is not only preferred by Military guys but also by college going young people and females because of its style. This classic leather belt offers an iconic look that never goes out of style but includes just enough detail and fashion to make it stand out

Military tactical belt for men heavy duty- Now this is the kind of belt whose sole purpose is for real tasks. The tactical work belt length can be adjusted to your exact size, never slip while you do heavy duty work. Especially suits for military, SWAT, fireman, police, hunter, outdoor activities and other tactical users.

Features to consider before buying.

  • Before buying a Tactical belt make sure it adjusts easily when you put it on your waist. That’s why Tactical belts made of Nylon are better as they adjust easily and you will feel comfortable.
  • Now before you buy a Tactical belt make sure it should be durable enough to deal with all the environmental situations. Be it camping, work, or Military or police tasks.
  • While buying the tactical belt make sure its tough enough to carry the weight you are planning to hang it on your belt so that you can enjoy your work, trip or any adventure you’re about to start.

Tactical belts can be amazing gear. Please choose wisely and consider all the information that is given in this blog and enjoy all your tasks and trips. Happy Adventure and Be tactical. You can shop for some good tactical belts here.