How to prepare for camping trip.

How to prepare for camping trip.

Today going on camping trips is trending worldwide. People love to go on camping, trekking and other adventure trips. With the increasing popularity of this hobby, many companies and organisations have decided to help these campers and other enthusiasts with this hobby to provide them with the best equipment and gears that can make their trips more pleasurable and help them to explore even more.

In this article we will discuss some of the must have equipment, things that you must carry before going on a camping or adventure trip. (Please note, we are mentioning only the most necessary items)

To understand it better lets list these items in different categories. 

Things to carry your stuff.

1- Tactical backpack- A Good tactical backpack is a must have. There are many types of backpacks available that are durable, tactical and can carry all your things. They are available in different sizes. You can check here all the best tactical backpacks that are available according to the weight that you need to carry.

2- Tactical Belt pouch- Sometimes you need a pouch or a small bag in which you can carry your things that you need to use almost all the time while trekking or camping. These things you can carry in this belt pouch that makes it easy for you to access anytime. You can grab Belt pouch from here.

3- Tactical Sleeping bag- When you are going on camps or any adventure trip, you might need to stay overnight to continue your adventure on the next day and for this you need a good and healthy sound sleep. That's where a tactical sleeping bag comes in. All you can do is, open your sleeping bag, get in, stay cosy and comfortable, sleep well, and that's it. The best part of this tactical sleeping bag is, it can be folded in a tiny small bag that is almost the size of a palm of a hand which makes it so easy to carry. In short, you can carry your bed in the palm of your hand.

Things that you will need at the campsite.

Tent- Proper protection from wind, weather, sun and sometimes rain is very important. That’s where the tent comes in. Not only from weather conditions but it also protects from insects or other wild guests like coyotes, raccoons or even insects. 

Electric Lantern- Ready to spend the night in the camp? You have your sleeping bag, a proper tent but what about the darkness problem? This is where a good lantern can help you. But why can't flashlights solve this problem? A flashlight can only provide you light when you focus in a specific direction but a good lantern can give enough light in all directions and you will feel like you're sitting in your home.

Tactical Flashlight.- Lanterns are used when you are spending a night in camp but what if you are travelling or walking? Tactical flashlights got your pack in that case. In any emergency, like rescue, survival or even any emergency at your home a tactical flashlight is very important and useful tactical gear that will always have your back.

Tactical First aid kit.- Always carry a good tactical first aid kit when you are camping. We really wish you will not need it. But, in many emergency Tactical first aid kit can be useful and even save life. Be it a minor scratch while cutting or chopping of wood or any serious wound, a first aid is the most useful thing you will need. Grab the best deal for Tactical first aid kit today from here.

Emergency tourniquet- We are sure you are carrying your Tactical first aid kit, but does your Tactical first kit have a good Emergency tourniquet? Many times you might get into some serious situations that can occur anytime, anywhere if any accident happens while riding a bike or bicycle, trekking, camping etc. At that place and that time it will be impossible to get medical help on time. Tourniquet is a good tactical gear to save life by giving extra time till a person gets proper medical help. If you are also looking to grab one Emergency first aid tourniquet in case of emergency then grab your pack today from here.

Lead or Matchsticks to start a campfire- Camping is not fun without a good fireplace when you gather some wood and burn it and sit around it with your family and friends and eat marshmallows and fresh barbecue. You manage to find some wood sticks, but how will you put fire in it? That’s why you need some good lead, matchsticks or a fire starter kit.

Electronics items to carry

Solar Charger-  We all do camping in forests close to nature to distance ourselves from the developed worlds and want to spend some time in peace. But  still we need to be connected with our developed world where we came from. At times we need to communicate in cities with friends, families and sometimes even in emergency situations. Maintaining that communication with our dead cellphones and other devices is completely impossible and our electric chargers don't work in the wild. The best source of energy is the Sun so why not use it? Portable Solar charger can take energy from the sun itself and charge our electronic devices like Flashlights, lanterns, cellphones, cameras and other devices that we need. Do forget to grab this very useful gear while going on camp.

Solar Flashlight- We all need flashlights to see in the dark but carrying batteries can make our tactical bags heavy. Why not grab a Solar flashlight that can charge in the day and provide enough light in the dark? So let's go out and have fun with Solar Flashlights.

Batteries for Flashlights and lanterns- Sometimes we have devices that only run on batteries and not solar. In that case the wise decision is to carry extra backup for extra usage so you can deal with any situation. Good batteries to carry will be wise.

Food and medicinal items

Ready to eat food.- When you are preparing your bag for camping you also also want to carry enough food for the number or days that you will spend in camp. But you cannot all raw food because cooking everything raw requires almost all the things of your kitchen. That’s where Ready to eat foods help. All you can do is, put the packet of ready to eat foods in hot water and that’s it, your energy meal is ready. Enjoy your camp with healthy food.

Portable filter- Just like having healthy food makes your camping trip more fun, same thing clean and fresh water does. But you cannot carry a bunch or huge and heavy water bottles as you already have other useful things to carry. So, lakes, rivers are the best source of drinking water available for camping. But you don't want to drink dirty water. A small portable filter can help you collect clean and drinkable water from these natural water sources. Just simply attach the portable filter on the opening of one bottle and keep refilling clean and nice drinkable water and stay hydrated. 

Portable water bag/bottle.- You have nice portable water but you cannot carry the delicate and beautiful water bottles that you have in your home. These bottles take up a lot of space in your tactical backpacks. Carrying a portable water bottle will be a nice decision as it takes less space and can deplete when empty so that you can add more things in the extra space you saved after carrying this portable water bottle. Grab it today from here.

Protein bars- Camping doesn't include just resting in your tent, cooking and eating. Its more fun when you are walking, trekking and exploring nature. But this requires a lot of energy. You cannot eat ready to eat meals all the time. Protein bars can help you to refuel yourself with extra energy while exploring in the wild. Just a small snack and you can get back on track. Happy Camping.

Medicines according to needs and health.- Camping is a really fun thing to do with friends and family. We have a good Tactical first aid kit in case of injury, we also have an Emergency tourniquet in case of heavy bleeding. Do we have medicines in case of minor or major medical problems? Some of us might have minor issues like Blood pressure, diabetes and others that require intakes of some medicines everyday. Thus it is important to carry our medicines according to our health. Let's also discuss what other medicines we can carry in case of emergency.

  • Diarrhea medicine (Imodium or Pepto-Bismol)
  • Antacid
  • Antihistamine
  • Motion sickness medicine
  • Cough drops, cough suppressant, or expectorant
  • Decongestant
  • Pain and fever medicine (acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen)
  • Mild laxative
  • Mild sedative or sleep aid

These are the minor medical problems for which we should carry medicines before going on a camping trip.

Clothing for camping trips. 

Tactical camping boots.- Camping is boring without walking, trekking and exploring nature. That’s why we all come close to nature. Our luxury and beloved sneakers cannot help but take long walks. That’s why we need a good pair of Tactical boots. Whether it is forest, sand or muddy walks. Tactical boots not only help us to walk easily but also protect our feet from insects and other dangers.

Tactical Cap.- You are having a good time on your camping trip, enjoying a nice walk. You have your boots on, trekking backpack is loaded, water bottle to stay hydrated. How do you protect yourself from the sun? A tactical cap is what you need to save yourself from strong sun rays that can make you feel extra tired, and lethargic. We are sure nobody wants to get tired, especially while they are camping. This is why a good tactical cap is a must have gear to protect yourself. 

Face masks.- We all like to go on walks and explore nature but some and even many of us are allergic to dust and other smells in the air. A good medical mask can help protect us. We know how important it is to carry these after Covid happened. Let's add these face masks in our backpack to add extra safety.

Tactical face/head rag.- Sometimes, strong winds or cold winds in winter camps bother us too much. If we want to enjoy camping and have fun in snow then we must add these tactical face/head rags to wrap our faces or head whenever needed. It will not only protect us from weather conditions but also can be used in many ways.

Handkerchiefs.- Camping is more fun when your family and friends are with you. Many times you will need things to wipe, tie or to clean. If you are a female or camping with a female then you must know the value of Handkerchiefs specially on camping trips. Always carry a bunch of Handkerchiefs with you to solve many problems.

Wet and dry tissues.- Handkerchiefs are very useful in camping trips but to save water from washing handkerchiefs you can carry wet and dry tissues. This also protects you from the infectants that can pass through reuse of handkerchiefs that are not washed properly.

Tactical gloves- To use your tools like Axe, Tactical knife to cut or chop down wood or stone your hands might get minor or major injury. Tactical gloves are another useful wearable that will protect your hands from all kinds of damage. It also protects your hands for different weather conditions. 

Tactical jacket if necessary-  If you are planning to camp in winter or rainy season, never forget to carry or wear a nice and durable tactical Jacket. It will helps your carry additional things in your jacket and also protects you from weather conditions.

Utility tools.

Multi tool kit- Always keep this mind, Always try to carry 1 tool for multiple things. That's the smartest way to prepare your backpack for a camping trip. Carrying those heavy Hammers, pliers, wrench, screwdrivers etc will make your backpack heavier and you must focus on saving more energy so that you can explore more while camping. There are many good, durable and multitool kits available in the market that can be used for multiple uses. 1 tool can be used as Flat Jaw Plier, Round Jaw Plier, Hammer, Axe, Knife, Wood Saw, Serrated blade, Wire cutters, Nail file, Bottle opener, Allen Wrench, Big Flat screwdriver, Small Flat screwdriver, Philips screwdriver. So why not add one multitool kit and solve many problems?

Axe.- A good Axe is very important to carry and sometimes finding a multitool kit doesn't come with a good durable Axe. Always consider carrying that.

Tactical Knife.- The same thing goes for a good Tactical knife. It not only helps you cut and chop things for meals but also protects you from all sorts of danger.

Duct Tapes.-  Every camper knows the value of Duct tapes. So never forget to carry duct tapes. Many times it can be used as a first aid. And at times it can be used to tape your tents, tools and other things. 

ToothBrush and dental care items.- We carry our food, water, medical supplies but what about our dental care. This is a minor thing but very useful. Always carry a toothbrush kit to keep your teeth clean.- 

Mirror.- If you are a female or camping with a female then you must know Mirror is a treasure for females. Lets add this in our camping kit as these are also very useful.

Other Must have items

Mosquito and insect repellent.- Planning to sleep at night? You have your sleeping bag on, tent on. But mosquitoes and incest can be very irritating. These night guests can also cause rashes and skin infections. Please never forget  to carry Mosquito and insect repellent to protect yourself from these night guests in your camp.

Sanitizer and Soap- Cleaning and keeping yourself hygienic is very important while you are on a camping trip. Sanitizers and soaps can help you to stay hygienic.

Disposable or portable utensils kit.- You are ready to enjoy your food. You have your ready to eat food packs. But how you will eat your food and prepare it just with warm water. Some small, portable or disposable utensils you can carry. They are lightweight, consumes less space and can be used for different purposes.


Like we said before. Going on a Camping trip and enjoying nature is the best thing to do. We just wanted to suggest the best advice we can provide. So what are you waiting for? Plan for a nice camping trip. Prepare your tactical backpack, and go out and have fun in nature. Explore. We wish you the best. Happy Camping.