How to Properly Measure Your Dog for the Perfect Harness Fit

How to Properly Measure Your Dog for the Perfect Harness Fit
A well-fitting harness is key for safe, comfortable walks with your furry friend. But with so many harness styles and sizes on the market, knowing how to accurately measure your dog can be ruff. Never fear! We're here to guide you through the simple steps for getting those all-important measurements right.


Getting the right fit for your dog's harness is crucial for safe, comfortable walks together. This blog covered the key steps:

  1. Measure your dog's girth (widest chest area) and neck circumference using a fabric tape measure. These are the two main measurements needed.
  2. Consult the sizing chart for the specific harness model to determine the best fit based on those measurements.
  3. For harnesses requiring more customization, like MilitaryKart's Heavy-Duty Tactical No-Pull Dog Harness, take advantage of the adjustable straps and hardware to really dial in the perfect fit around your dog's chest and neck.
  4. Don't settle for an ill-fitting harness that could cause chafing, escape risk, or lack of control. Take the time to properly measure your pup.
  5. With an accurately fitted harness, you and your dog can confidently and comfortably hit the trails, parks, or neighborhood streets without any pulling, wiggling, or discomfort.

Why Precise Fit Matters

An improperly fitted harness can cause a range of issues, from chafing and restriction of movement to easy wiggling out or lack of control. Proper fit ensures your pup's comfort, security, and your peace of mind on walks.

The Two Measurements You Need

For most harnesses, you'll need to measure your dog's girth (the widest part around their chest/ribcage) and neck circumference. Some step-in or front-clip styles may require additional leg or bodyweight measurements as well.

How to Measure Girth

Have your dog stand up straight on a flat, even surface. Using a fabric tape measure, start at the backside of their ribcage and run the tape measure around the widest part, going underneath and back to where you started. Pull it snug, but not tight.

How to Measure Neck

With your pup standing, run the tape measure around the base of their neck, ensuring it's not too tight or too loose. For double security, you can cross the tape under their chin.

Once you have those two measurements (in inches or centimeters), consult the specific sizing chart for the harness you want to ensure a proper fit.

A Properly Fitted Harness Is Worth It

While it may take a little effort upfront, accurately measuring and fitted a harness saves you a lot of hassle and headaches down the road. Your dog will be comfortable, secure, and most importantly, safe during all your walking adventures together.

So don't forget - before clicking that order button, grab a tape measure and make sure you've got the right size harness for that unique shape! With the perfect fit, every walk is easier.

Shop for MilitaryKart's Heavy-Duty Tactical No-Pull Dog Harness

For power pullers and working dogs, MilitaryKart's Heavy-Duty Tactical No-Pull Dog Harness Kit provides superior control, comfort and versatility in one rugged package. This six-point adjustment system allows you to custom tailor the fit to your dog's measurements for a truly personalized fit.

The chest plate can be individually measured and adjusted using the heavy-duty buckles and straps to achieve the ideal snug-yet-comfortable chest fit. Meanwhile, the adjustable neck piece ensures a secure hold without any choking or restrictive tension.

But what really makes this harness standout is the two reinforced leash attachment points - one on the chest and one on the back. This dual attachment system gives you optimal control over your pup's pulling power and direction with just the click of the double-ended leash.

With four sizing options and the ability to expand both the neck and chest for a near-limitless range of adjustment, this tactical harness can handle any breed from tiny pup to large working or personal protection dog. Durable metal hardware, reflective trim, and a padded ergonomic design make it perfect for long days on the trail, the field or the streets.

So if you have a powerful pooch that needs superior control, comfort and customization, get the precise measurements and gear up with MilitaryKart's Heavy-Duty Tactical No-Pull Dog Harness.  Your pulling pal (and your arms) will thank you!

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