How to use MilitaryKart's Tactical Military nylon waist belts

How to use MilitaryKart's Tactical Military nylon waist belts

Tactical belt is a good waist belt that not only looks good, feels good but also it helps you in multiple tasks. Just like we’ve mentioned in our blog “Basics of Tactical belts”. Tactical Military waist belts are made so that you can tie around or carry your equipment or stuff easily. Tactical belts can also be attached to other waits bags, pouches and can endure heavy weights of the equipment and don't even get a scratch. So Let’s check some of the most common usage of Tactical belts.

Self Defense Gear..

Sometimes you may feel like getting rid of that situation where you might get stuck in any dangerous circumstances. Tactical belt can help you to defend yourself against any wild animal, or some goons who can cause danger to you.

Medical Emergency Usage.

Tactical belt can not only be used as a self defense gear but also it can help you save your life or lives of others in case of any danger. It has been noticed that a Tactical Belt was used in case of a medical emergency and people have used their tactical belts as a Tourniquet, as splint in case of a broken bone, to pull a stretcher, or even can be used  in other scenarios. You can trust your Tactical Belt to save lives.

Useful in Tours and Camping.

If you like going on long tours and camping, then you might have come in a situation where you would require different gears to do the useful things to survive and enjoy your camping trips. Tactical belts are a must to carry gear that you can use in multiple situations in your camping trips. Whether you need to carry firewood, or need a spear or to keep your food off the ground to save it from insects, Tactical belts can be used in all these urgent situations and can save your efforts.

Traditional Use.

We would like to mention again in this blog just like we mentioned in our previous blog, Traditionally, Tactical belts were built to wear around the waist and to carry your swords, knives, pouches, and were only used by army men. From there many campers, trekkers get the idea to hang and carry a lot of stuff on their tactical belt like bottle, camping tent, sleeping bag, Axe and many other life saving things.

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How to wear-

Now let us also see how to install or how to wear a tactical belt. It is true that Tactical belt is far more different and better than other traditional waist belts but its not complicated to wear it. Instructions to wear it are discussed below.

Step 1- Detach the webbing strap from the buckle.

Step 2- Put the webbing through the loops of your jeans/pants.

Step 3- After putting the webbing strap through all of the loops, put the webbing through the buckle. (Note- this Step should be done after Step 1 and 2. Because webbing attached with the buckle won’t go through loops of some of your pants/jeans.)

Step 4-  Adjust your buckle and webbing to get that perfect fit. And you’re set. Isn’t that easy?

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Why Tactical Belt is so Useful.

You must be impressed by now after seeing that Tactical belt can be used in so many situations and can help you and save lives. So, Are you also one of those people who wonders how a Tactical belt can be used in such a harsh situation and how come it can withstand so many risky and dangerous situations and never fails? 

Well, the answer lies in its durability. Tactical belt is made for the purpose of its durability and long lasting. Tactical belts are made of lightweight and wear-resisting nylon material that has a strong evaporation of sweat, more comfortable and breathable, that feels more flexible, and easy to dry. Tactical belt is so tough, sturdy that it can be used in very harsh, dangerous and risky situations but still will have your back and will never let you down.

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