"Idk if I'll be camping again anytime soon."

Camping Trip Turns Terrifying as Massive Tree Crushes Sites

TLDR Summary

  • Camping trip turns terrifying as massive tree crashes onto campsites
  • Group of 17 campers, including 11 kids, caught off guard by sudden windy weather
  • Tree crushes one camper's car, another's RV as it falls down steep hill
  • Narrowly avoided casualties as camper's brother outran falling tree
  • Near-miss highlights need for weather awareness and caution about falling trees/branches while camping 

Figure 1 Picture posted by user u/UngovernableGo0se

What was supposed to be a fun camping getaway turned into a harrowing experience for one group after a massive tree came crashing down onto their campsites in Natural Bridge, Virginia.

The scary incident occurred this past Sunday around 7 PM, as described in a chilling first-hand account posted to Reddit by user u/ungovernableGoose. According to the post, the group of 17 campers, including 11 children, had been enjoying a sunny evening cooking dinner when the weather quickly shifted.

"It was sunny one second then became slightly overcast and then got VERY windy," u/ungovernableGoose wrote. With no cell service to receive weather alerts at the campground, they were caught off guard when a massive tree on a steep hill above them suddenly gave way.


In a terrifying scene, the tree took down at least three other trees as it came crashing towards the campsites below. u/ungovernableGoose's car was totaled, and their brother's camper was crushed under the force of the falling timber.

Miraculously, no one was injured, but the Reddit user says it was a near-miss. "If this had happened overnight and I was in my tent, I'd absolutely be dead," they wrote. The poster said the image of their brother outrunning the falling tree is "seared into my brain."

Local news reports indicated the incident may have been caused by a microburst of severe winds, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the event.

While shaken, u/ungovernableGoose and their group were ultimately grateful to have escaped with only vehicle and property damage. "Glad to only have vehicle damage though," they wrote, offering a sobering reminder about the fragility of life and importance of appreciating each day.

The harrowing tale is also a chilling safety reminder for anyone enjoying the great outdoors to always be aware of potential hazards like inclement weather and falling trees or branches. u/ungovernableGoose summed it up: "Be safe out there folks!"