Introduction to Camping LED Beanie light

Introduction to Camping LED Beanie light

Just like the name says, its a warm Beanie hat that has a camping LED light in it. Now a days its one of the most trending camping gear that many campers love. The Camping LED Beanie light has many uses and its solves a lot of problems. In this blog we will understand why it should be in our camping gears list.

Why to choose Camping LED Beanie Light?

Its a very genuine question because there are LED Camping Headlamps are available, then why go for Camping LED Beanie Light? Lets understand this. You can definitely go for LED Camping Headlamps, but what if you are camping, or trekking in winters or in ice? That's where Camping LED Beanie Light helps. The beanie not only keeps your head and ears warms but its strong LED gives you enough light for you to get enough light while you are camping in the dark. So why to wait so much. Grab this amazing camping gear today from here.

Is a beanie and a toboggan the same thing?

Beanie and Toboggan's purpose is the same, it keeps your head and ears warm in winters. But, toboggan, touque or toque is a hat hand knitted of wool which is mostly originated from Southern USA while the Beanie is a better version of Toboggan and now it comes with Camping LED that not only warms your head but also provides ample of light in the dark. 

Some Features of LED Beanie Light.

Best gift option- Comfortable, warm, and washable, our Unisex Lighted Beanie Cap provides incredible hands-free lighting so you can get on with things in cold days. A perfect Gifts for Men Dad Him Father Husband Boyfriend Handyman.

Warm and cozy- This one-size-fits-all beanie hat with light is made from an ultra-soft acrylic blend that provides excellent insulation against cold winter air.

Provides ample of light- The LED lighte inserted into the light hat contains four (4) bulbs and is easily removable. With three (3) adjustable brightness settings, you’ll have the perfect amount of light for any task.

Great Battery backup- With 8 hours of runtime on a single charge, will always light your way when you need it. Its standard USB port allows you to charge in the car, with your computer, or using a portable power bank.

Ideal for Camping- No matter what you want to do, this hand free lighted hat is up for the challenge. It’s waterproof and perfect for dog walking, running,jogging, camping,fishing, biking, grilling, auto repair, and more.

Frequently asked questions

1- Can I wash my LED Beanie light?

Answer- Yes you can wash, but please make sure you remove the led light part, then wash the knit hat! 

2- Can it be charged by USB?

Answer- This hat does not need a usb charger. The light comes out the hat and plugs straight in any usb output in your car, pc etc. it will flash red while charging and blue when its done

3- What is the Battery power backup of LED Beanie light?

Answer- The LED hat with three dimmers,the weak light dimmer last about 7 hours,the middle light last about 4 hours, the bright light last 2 hours.

4- How do you turn the light on?

Answer- That little black button that is in the center of the light turns it on and off. It does have three light settings, and that light pops out of the hat when you need to wash it or recharge it.

5- Can you get electric shock if worn in the rain?

Answer- No this will not shock you. But avoid to wear it in rain as it might damage the light.

6- Is it waterproof?

Answer- No

7- Does it shines straight out or down?

Answer- It basically shines out but it does have a wide view. Perfect for walking in the fog and picking up after.