Introduction to Camping LED Headlamp

Introduction to Camping LED Headlamp

Sometimes while camping or doing anything in the night you cannot hold your flashlight as your hands might be full of other things. That's where a LED headlamp is one of the useful tactical gadget you need. It is a lamp attached to a tactical strap that you can wear on your forehead to get proper light to see in the dark.

What is the benefit of LED headlamp technology?

Few years ago we all use to wear those headlamps that comes with bulky halogen lights that not only has lesser backup but also use to give us headache due to their weight. LED headlamp on the other side are light weight and emits the light 15 times more than those traditional halogen lights. Other than that. LED Headlamps are shockproof, energy-efficient and vibration resistant. Some are even water resistant. 

How many lumens do I need for a camping headlamp?

There are many Camping headlamps are available in the market. If you are planning to get a good Tactical LED headlamp for camping, the minimum lumens a headlamp should be at least 300. 

Should I use LED Headlamp while camping?

Militarykart encourage you to add this useful gadget in your camping backpack. These lightweight devices are versatile and ideal for camping, trekking and hiking even at night as they are absolutely hands-free. 

Can you see better at night with LED headlamps?

These Camping Headlamps not only lights for longer time but also are brighter as compared to those halogen headlamps. Their light is more brighter, whiter and provides better vision for all campers.

Which headlamp should I choose?

Sometimes it is very difficult to choose the right headlamp for yourself due to too many options. There are few things that you can consider. Obviously when technology is improving you are not going to use those traditional halogen headlamps so that's obvious you will go to Camping LED headlamps. 

Before choosing the right LED headlamp make sure it is at least of 300 lumens so that you can get enough light. Militarykart is happy to introduce an ideal Tactical LED headlamp which is not only pocket friendly but also is loaded with features and can solve a lot of problems. Grab it today only from here.


✔️ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE – Made with soft and comfortable silicone material, can be easily packed in a small backpack. Super comfortable to wear and move around due to lightweight material.

✔️ FULLY ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND – Can be adjusted completely to fit any type of hat, hard hat, helmet and all head sizes, including kids heads.

✔️ INTELLIGENT DESIGN – Available with 5 different light modes and dual LED lights (front and side) to suit various different activities and settings - running, cycling, walking, camping, hiking, repairing in the dark, etc.

 Some Functions listed here.


Tactical Headlamp comes with 5 different light modes and two types of lights - COB LED light panel on the front and XPE LED light for the ultimate convenience and a range of uses.

Adjust the brightness of your headlamp easily by pressing on the button, and switch it on and off using the motion sensor.

Frequently Asked questions

1- What is the charging time for the headlamp?

Answer: The Tactical Headlamb can be fully charged in 2.5 hours.

2-  What is the total running time for the headlamp?

Answer: The Tactical headlamp has a running time of 3 hours on high and 8 hours on low.

3- Is it possible to turn off the wave sensor?

Answer: Yes, you can easily activate or deactivate the wave sensor by simply pressing a button.

4- Do I need to remove the batteries to charge Tactical LED Headlamp?

Answer: No, the Tactical Headlamp has a rechargeable battery through USB-C connection. With that, the battery is not replaceable. You may always buy a lifetime replacement for the Tactical Headlamp and we will send you a replacement headlamp if it ever fails.

5- Does the Tactical Headlamp fit on helmets and hats?

Answer: Yes, the adjustable headband can easily be adjusted to fit any hats, helmets, or any head sizes.

6- Can you use it for indoor and outdoor activities both?

Answer: Yes. the Tactical Headlamp can be used in any indoor and outdoor settings and could survive harsh heat and cold weathers.