Military Survival Paracord Bracelet

Military Survival Paracord Bracelet

Many Campers, travel enthusiasts and adventurists prefer to wear this militarygrade paracord bracelet which is also known as survival bracelet. It is a very useful utility tool that can be used in many ways on adventure, camping tours or even by Military officers. These tactical bracelets are very useful, tough, beneficial and can stand in any emergency conditions.

How much Paracord should be used in a Survival Paracord Bracelet?

Most it depends on the circumference of your wrist, but on an average an ideal Survival Paracord Bracelet should have 8-12 feet cord.

Uses of Survival Paracord Bracelet.

A Survival Paracord Bracelet can be used in many ways. If you need to tie anything from your food items, gears, equipment or anything it can be used. From medical uses to building survival shelter, carrying things and many ways a survival paracord bracelet can be used. 

This is just a brief information that tells the most basic uses of a Survival paracord Bracelet. Militarykart is happy to introduce the most premium and useful Bracelet available in the market. This is 20 in 1 Survival Paracord Bracelet. 

We will not boast about the product but lets check out a genuine brief video description given by one or our happy customer. 

You heard that right. This is a 20 in 1 survival paracord bracelet that is heavily loaded with 20 different useful tools and gadgets in this 1 bracelet. Lets check out these tools. 


  • SOS LED LIGHT- It is a key to seek or implement rescue. The LED light has three modes: flash(press), lighting (press again), morse code rescue signal (press for 3s). Built-in battery can last for more than 18 hours. It is also bright enough to be seen within 32 feet/10 meters diameter in darkness.
  • COMPASS- Updated compass has a diameter of 0.79” dial bigger than others’ and it is more accurate and easy-to-read to show you the correct direction in kinds of emergency situations.
  • FIRE STARTER- Magnesium rod and stainless steel gadget. Both wet and dry can spark.
  • THERMOMETER- Keep abreast of temperature changes wherever you are. The lowest temperature can reach minus 20 degrees Celsius. (Please note temperature shows in Celsius.)
  • RESCUE WHISTLE- Make a loud sound is vital when you are in danger or hard to shout for rescue. This high-decibel whistle that can be heard by rescuers from a far distance.
  • Paracord core- Paracord core can Support weight up to 250lb(113kg) for strength and support during survival situations.
  • Other tools- A tiny multi tool is given in the buckle of the bracelet that can be used as screedriver, flint scrapper, knife and can opener.

So what are you waiting for grab it today only from here and get ready for adventure. 

As you've noticed this survival bracelet comes with lot of tools and useful things. Lets understand how each utility tool works.
1- How to use Magnesium Rod to light fire.-  
  • Please scratch the protective paint of magnesium bar.
  • Putting combustibles under flint bar in an dry place, using blade to scratch a little magnesium on combustible.
  • Rapid friction of magnesium bars with sharp objects to produce sparks. After testing, the blade friction of tool gadget and T gadget is more likely to produce sparks.Don't forget to aim at the scraped magnesium powder.

2- How to adjust the Compass- Since the compass include partially liquid it may be stuck for a long time without using and result in insufficient sensitivity. In this situation please shake it for a while and hold it flat to wait for calibration. Normally it will slowly stop to the same position.

3- How to use the emergency SOS LED Light- This SOS LED light comes with 4 modes.

  • Mode 1: Press 1 time to turn it on.
  • Mode 2: Strobe light: Pressing one more time can be shifted to this mode.
  • Mode 3: Press again to turn it off
  • Mode 4: SOS mode: Press and hold it for 3 seconds to turn on SOS mode.


Frequently asked questions

1- How to turn off the light?

Ans-  Please press the button two or more times or hold the power button until the light turns off.

2- Can I wear it in water?

Ans- Yes, but the certification of the LED, Compass and Thermometer has no official guarantee. The Thermo and Compass seem sealed well enough as they have no exposed adjustments. The LED has a small hole when opened. It is closed/sealed by the cap-pull on the T-Knife when buckled. If that cap is missing, the seal is with your skin and the bottom of the LED portion. The metal tools, including Ferro rod, are sealed away via the buckle so they will not be lost, but as for exposure to water long term, that is something in would check and dry after exposure.

3- Can I take out the flint?

Ans- No.

4- Is the whistle good?

Ans- It is good and loud enough to hear from distance.

5- Can I purchase lights separately?

Ans- We would recommend you to buy another 20 in 1 Paracord Bracelet.

6- Will it fit in kids wrists or in teen guys wrists?

Ans- Yes it is adjustable.