Master the Art of Putting on a Dog Harness for Easy Walks

Master the Art of Putting on a Dog Harness for Easy Walks

Walking your furry friend is one of the simple joys of being a dog owner. But getting your pup ready for those walks can sometimes be a hassle, especially when it comes to putting on their harness. A harness is a great tool for comfortable, safe walks as it takes pressure off your dog's neck. With the right technique, putting on a dog harness can be a breeze. Follow these simple steps to master the art of hassle-free harness wearing.


The blog post provides step-by-step instructions for painlessly getting a dog harness on your pup before walks. It suggests first getting your dog excited and cooperative with some treats.

Then it outlines the specific steps:

  1. Loosen and untangle the harness straps
  2. Guide your dog's head through the main opening
  3. Gently put one front paw through each loop, rewarding with treats
  4. Adjust the straps to fit snugly but comfortably

Step 1: Get Your Pup Excited

Before you even pick up the harness, get your dog in an upbeat, cooperative mood. You can do this by grabbing some tasty treats and letting your pup sniff them. Give them one or two treats to pique their interest and get them focused on you.

Step 2: Loosen Up the Harness

Untangle the harness and loosen all the straps so it will easily slip over your dog's head and legs. Lay it out on the floor in front of you.

Step 3: Head Through First

With another treat in hand, guide your pup's head through the main opening of the harness, looping it around their neck. Give them the treat as a reward for cooperating.

Step 4: One Paw at a Time

Next, pick up one of your dog's front paws and gently guide it through the corresponding loop on the harness. Repeat with the other front paw. More tasty rewards will keep your pup engaged.

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Step 5: Check the Fit

Once all four legs are through, snug up the straps so the harness isn't too loose but also isn't restricting movement. You should be able to slip two fingers underneath it. Adjust as needed.

Step 6: Time for a Walk!

And just like that, your pup is ready for their walk! Attach the leash to the front or back clip, depending on your preference, and you're all set to explore.

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For dogs that need a little extra control and security, MilitaryKart's Heavy-Duty Tactical No-Pull Dog Harness Kit is a game-changer. This durable harness system is designed to give you maximum control while keeping your furry friend comfortable and secure.

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But what really sets this harness apart is the included double-ended leash with two sturdy metal snap hooks. This allows you to connect the leash to both the front and back clips, giving you optimal control over your pup's movement and direction. No more wrestling against those persistent pulls!

Sizing is made easy with four adjustable points that provide a customised fit for any breed, big or small. Reflective stitching and patches increase your dog's visibility and safety during nighttime walks.

With a top handle, ID patch, and various D-rings and attachment points, this tactical harness doubles as a versatile training tool. The top handle gives you a secure grip for a while the D-rings let you clip on anything from treat pouches to cooling packs.

Whether you have an exuberant puller or a strong working dog, MilitaryKart's Heavy-Duty Tactical No-Pull Harness provides the durability, control, and customisation you need for safe, hassle-free walks. Upgrade your walking equipment and enjoy peaceful neighbourhood strolls again!

With patience and practice, getting your dog outfitted in their harness will become second nature. Remember to stay calm, use positive reinforcement like treats, and make it a fun bonding experience for you both. Soon enough, your pup will happily strut into their harness, knowing an exciting walk awaits. Happy trails!

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