User Guide for XHP90 Flashlight

User Guide for XHP90 Flashlight

How to Install the Batteries inside the flashlight?

Unscrew the light head to insert the battery with the anode (+) toward the light head, and screw the light to test.



DON’T INSERT the battery incorrectly way, otherwise, it will short circuit and CAUSE A FIRE!


When you received a new flashlight, how to check the torch?

1.  Insert the battery, sometimes the battery is in the flashlight but with an insulating sheet. You need to take out the insulating sheet.
2.  Press the button switch to turn on the light. 
3.  Press the mode switch to switch the light modes.
4.  Charge the flashlight if there is a charging port on the torch. The indicator light will fresh red when get charging, and turns green after fully charging.
5.  Use the USB charging port to charge your phone.

6. To turn off the flashlight tap the button each time to lower down from the current mode which will be indicated from the 4 indicators given above the button. Keep tapping the button slowly till it reaches to the lowest mode. Once the flashlight is set on the lowest mode then tap the button last time to turn it off completely.


If the regular flashlight does not work after being received, please follow the below step by step:

1. Fully Charged the battery with a battery charger. Waiting till the charger indicator light turns green. It usually takes 4-6 hours to charge a battery.
2. Clean the contacts of the light, like the cover tail spring.
3. Insert the battery with the anode (+) toward the light head, and screw the light to test.
4. If still does not work, use another new battery to re-try from step one to step3
There may be several reasons for a flickering or not working light:
Reason A: The battery needs replacing.
Solution: Replace the battery (Please confirm the correct installation of anode and cathode, model type)

Reason B: The threads PCB board contact or other contacts are dirty.
Solution: Clean the contact points with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab.
If the above methods don't work, please contact the distributors and refer to the warranty policy.3.
Usage and Maintenance
  • Please do not dissemble the sealed head, doing so can cause damage to the flashlight and will void the warranty.
  • If Batteries are attached to the flashlight when received, please remove the insulation sheet in the flashlight before using it.
  • High-power flashlights like the XHP series flashlights should use a battery with high current discharge capability; we suggest to use a high-quality battery to increase the run time of this high-intensity flashlight.
  • Please take out the batteries if the flashlight will not be used for a long time, or it may cause damage from electrolyte leakage or battery explosion.

  • Please clean the contacts of your light from time to time, especially if the light flickers or does not light up. Do not use a high-volt adapter to charge the flashlight or battery directly, the suitable volt is under 5V.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Flashlights getting hot in high mode.

Answer:  Some flashlights like the XHP series model are with high output chips and the watt is high when flashlights are in high mode, flashlights need to lose heat to keep the chip running safely. So the flashlight will get hot if keep using the high mode. Therefore, we suggest that you can turn to the medium mode in daily use.
Q2. When you push the switch, the light turns on for a second and all 4 blue charge lights light up, then the light turns off.  It won't stay on for more than about 1 second. 
(1) Fully charge the battery first when you use it for the first time. If the LED light on the charger flashes red all the time, it means the batteries are taken charging.
Please leave it to charge for about 4-6 hours. And the light will be turned solid green after fully charged.
(2) Put the battery in the right direction inside the flashlight, the positive towards the head of the flashlight, and the negative towards the tail.
(3) If the above steps are correctly installed, the flashlight will automatically turn off after working for a long time, it may be the internal contact of the flashlight switch is poor resulting in the flashlight will automatically turn off. The tail switch needs to be replaced or repaired.
Q3. The battery is fully charged, and the flashlight works intermittently, sometimes with shaking or tapping.
(1) Check the battery: ensure that the battery is charged and load the flashlight in the correct direction. 
      Do not use batteries of different models, and do not mix the old and new batteries.
(2) If there is a problem with one of the flashlights, pls exchange the on/off button tail switch to try them again.
(3) Please check that the screw thread of the flashlight is not loose. If the thread is not tightened, it may also be the cause of the flashlight is not bright or slightly bright.
Q4. I did charge but the moment I plugged the light of the flashlight goes on and stays on and those 4 blue lights indicators on the flashlight never work then if I’m unplugged the power the light on the flashlight goes off
(1) Check whether the battery is installed in the wrong way. If the battery is installed in the wrong way, it will not light up.
(2) Check that the battery is not charged. It can also be the case that the battery is on the wrong side of the charger, or that the charger is not plugged in properly and is not actually charged. Or the battery is damaged. Or the wrong battery type is used.
(3) Check the tail switch: unscrew the tail switch of the Led flashlight, check whether the spring of the tail switch is loose, and ensure that the switch pressure ring is firmly pressed on the switch.
(4) If using a USB cable to charge your flashlight, make sure the flashlight has batteries in it and use a remote plug. Do not plug the USB cable into your computer to charge your flashlight
(5) Try to use the battery on another device to check works or not, or if you have another battery of the same model, fully charge it and try again with a flashlight.
Q5. I used the USB charging cable to charge the battery overnight, but only one blue charging light was on.
Answer: 1. Please don't use a computer to charge the flashlight.
              2. Using a battery charger to charge the battery
              3. If step 2 works, then exchange a new USB cable.

Q6. I can charge it fully to a solid green light then put it in my truck, not use it and it will be completely dead in three days. I've done this several times now. This flashlight is junk! I'm not giving a good review for it.
Answer:  Batteries will be discharged in the flashlight or other device for a long time but not used it. Please take out the battery of the flashlight if you don't use it.