All about Emergency First Aid Tourniquet

All about Emergency First Aid Tourniquet


What is Emergency First Aid Tourniquet-

It is a tactical gear that can be used as first aid in case you are outside or in case of any emergency. Emergency Tourniquet is a cuff-like device that is built to stop heavy traumatic bleeding in case of major cut or an injury. They are designed and construction of emergency tourniquets allows quick application by first aid responders or the injured persons themselves. Many doctors and experts have even demonstrated and recommended how life saving it can be and this is why it also comes under a category of tactical gear.

How useful is Tourniquet .

The main purpose of a  tourniquet is to stop life-threatening external bleeding, says Dr. Sztajnkrycer. Most such bleeding situations are trauma induced. These situations can occur anytime, anywhere if any accident happens while riding a bike or bicycle, trekking, camping etc. At that place and that time it will be impossible to get medical help on time. Tourniquet is a good tactical gear to save life by giving extra time till a person gets proper medical help. 

Types of Emergency Tourniquet. 

There are many types of tourniquet available but the two most useful and safe tourniquets are. 

  • Pneumatic Tourniquets.
  • Non-pneumatic (non-inflatable) tourniquets


Some surveys and studies have proven that Non-pneumatic (non-inflatable tourniquets have shocked the experts by saving the most number of lives in very critical and dangerous situations. Another study has reported that Non-pneumatic (non-inflatable) tourniquets save 79% of lives in most critical situations.

Non-pneumatic tourniquet straps were built and they are very small in size and lightweight and that makes it easier for soldiers, campers, trekkers and all adventurists to carry it in their backpacks or first aid kits bags. These Tourniquets are more preferred by soldiers due to its small size and also because they can be used as one-handed self-application in combat situations. If you are also looking to grab one Emergency first aid tourniquet in case of emergency then grab your pack today from here.

How to use a Tourniquet?

Emergency Tourniquet is a tactical medical gear and it is so easy to use that you don't need any medical training or practice to use Tourniquet. The main purpose to use Emergency tourniquet is to stop heavy blood flow in case of any emergency. Tourniquet gives you extra time so that you can get or call emergency medical help. Emergency Tourniquet can be used for all sorts of limb injuries. 

An Emergency Tourniquet can be applied and extra blood flow can be stopped for time being. Before tying the Tourniquet you need to find out the main source or wound from which heavy bleeding is happening.

Once the source or wound is found, just apply enough pressure to that place so that bleeding can be controlled. And if still bleeding is not slow then you might need to tie or fasten the tourniquet around to control the heavy bleeding and this will surely stop the bleeding for time being till you get proper medical help.

Note- Applying Tourniquet is a painful process but still worth it and has proven to be life saving tactical gear that is suggested by doctor and military officials.

There was a study done in 2018 that was reported in the Journal of American College of Surgeons, confirming that tourniquets can save lives even when it was applied by civilians. For the study, researchers sought to determine the effect civilian use of tourniquets had on mortality.

Hence it is proven that Every camper, survivor or tourist should consider keeping a Tourniquet in your tactical gears list. If you are looking to get a good Emergency Tourniquet then you can get it right here.