All about No Tie Shoelaces

All about No Tie Shoelaces

We all love to wear different kinds of shoes like sneakers, sports, running, and many more but sometimes tying laces everytime is very hectic. Sometimes while walking, running or even while wearing those amazing shoes, you must have experienced that the laces loosen up and get opened and you feel much bothered to keep tying them. 

Many years ago No Tie Shoelaces used to be a product only for kids because they struggled to tie laces. But now many grown-ups, teens and even working guys prefer No Tie Shoelaces as it is more hasslefree, saves time and solves the problem practically.

Why consider No Tie Shoelaces?

Have you ever come across a situation where you are walking, running or are engaged in any sports, you might have noticed your shoelaces are opening, dragging on the ground, getting dirty, muddy, and the worst case scenario is when it's happening with your expensive sneakers. Trust me, this isn't the only reason to consider No Tie Shoelaces. 

Let's check some of the important reasons as to why you should go for No Tie Shoelaces instead of those old fashioned shoelaces.

  • Saves you from any risk of falling or from injuries.
  • Lets you feel more comfortable when you turn your expensive shoes into slip-on shoes. 
  • Helps you to save time from tying your shoelaces.

With the help of a large variety of colorful No Tie Shoelaces, you can turn your shoes into a new fashion symbol. (Get one pair of No Tie Shoelaces of your choice here.)

These are just some of the benefits that we’ve mentioned here. Now let us understand how to install No Tie Shoelaces.

1- Slide the laces through the eyelets for each shoe.

2- Slide both the ends of the lace through the buckle lock to secure the ends.

3- Cut off the excess laces to a suited length and knot.

4- Screw the locks

5- That’s it you’re set


Have you ever wondered why they are called “No Tie Shoelaces?” The concept is pretty simple because you don't need to tie them up. All you have to do is to install them just once. That’s why No Tie Shoelaces are provided with good quality and durable locks to keep your shoelaces tied up. 

These elastic no tie shoelaces are perfect for kids, adults and seniors, and great for running, walking, hiking, biking and so on. no-tie laces are a perfect solution whether you are an athlete that practices high impact sports, a mom who wants to end untied shoelaces, or simply can't or don't like tying shoelaces. If you want to go ahead and save yourself from tying your shoes all the time then grab your Militarykart’s No Tie Shoelaces here.