Emergency Sleeping Bag | Survival Blanket Kit | MilitaryKart
Emergency Sleeping Bag | Survival Blanket Kit | MilitaryKart
Emergency Sleeping Bag | Survival Blanket Kit | MilitaryKart
Emergency Sleeping Bag | Survival Blanket Kit | MilitaryKart
Emergency Sleeping Bag | Survival Blanket Kit | MilitaryKart
Emergency Sleeping Bag | Survival Blanket Kit | MilitaryKart
Emergency Sleeping Bag | Survival Blanket Kit | MilitaryKart
Emergency Sleeping Bag | Survival Blanket Kit | MilitaryKart
Emergency Sleeping Bag | Survival Blanket Kit | MilitaryKart
Emergency Sleeping Bag | Survival Blanket Kit | MilitaryKart
Emergency Sleeping Bag | Survival Blanket Kit | MilitaryKart

Emergency Sleeping Bag - Thermal Bivy for Camping, Hiking, Outdoor and Survival Blanket Kit

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Stay warm and protected in any emergency situation with our Emergency sleeping bag

When you're exploring the great outdoors, you need a reliable and versatile emergency sleeping bag to keep you safe and comfortable in any situation. That's where the MilitaryKart's Thermal Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag comes in.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this emergency sleeping bag functions as an all-in-one survival tool, emergency blanket, shelter, and more. With its innovative design, you can use it as a camping tent bed or wrap it around yourself to stay warm and protected from the elements.

Whether you're an avid adventurer, a frequent traveler, or simply someone who wants to be prepared for any situation, the MilitaryKart's Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag is an absolute must-have. So don't wait - order yours today and stay safe and comfortable on your next outdoor excursion!

Ultralight, Portable and Ready for Any Weather Situation. The emergency sleeping bags survival sack size 36 * 84 inches; Lightweight survival kit for outdoor camping hiking lovers.
 KEEP WARM - Made of durable insulating Mylar material, premium choice for emergency situations in need of warmth protection from all-weather conditions.  High reflective Alu. foiled thermal material are designed to reflect your body heat back to prevent the hypothermia even save your life in emergencies.

  MULTIPURPOSE EMERGEMCY USES -The emergency bag serves as your emergency blanket, survival shelter, and emergency bivy sack all-in-one. Use as tent footprint, rain poncho, emergency signal, emergency shelter, ground cover, bivouac sack, wind blocker, water collector, snow melt container and so on. The bright orange color survial  sacks can help rescuers to find your location and get quick rescue.

  ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT COMPACT PORTABLE - Each Pack emergency sleeping bag is kept in a small drawstring storage bag diam. 2.8*3.95" weight 4 oz. Portable to carry for outdoor activities and keep storage after every use. Easy to store it in your car, backpack, emergency first-aid case, etc.  

1. The first aid sleeping bag is made of aluminium foil. It has a metal coating on the surface.
2. The inner layer is a PE plastic film, which can reflect the heat back to the body in order to keep you warm.
3. Emergency sleeping bag is used in special circumstances like earthquake or outdoor distress. With this emergency sleeping bag can still keep away you from cold.
4. This bag is not a one-time-use bag. After each use, you should carefully fold it in order to use it again.
1. Material: PE .
2. Mattress Size: Single.
3. Color: Orange.
4. Structure: Envelope .
5. Weight: 120g.
6. Size: Approx. 213 x 90 cm

Main Functions:
1. When camping, it can be used to strengthen the wind protection effect outside the sleeping bag.
2. An emergency sleeping bag can keep the weak patient from loosing heat.
3. When you are in danger in the wild. You can wrap the emergency sleeping bag around your body and use its reflective function to help the rescue people quickly find you.
4. It can be used to collect water, tents and waterproof mats.
5. Sun block

Package Includes:
1 x Emergency Sleeping Bag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

OVERALL: I found the blankets to be warm for their weight and surprisingly easy to re-pack (I fold mine into a strip, fold it up, and finish with a half roll). I spent about 10 minutes in 40 degree weather standing with the bag on and went from uncomfortably cold to just fine. It was too warm to sleep in a house heated to 70 degrees. I am not sure how one would make one of these into a tent (as pictured) or a poncho (as claimed) unless it was cut up but that's not really the purpose anyway. I like that, unlike the famous chrome emergency blanket, this is already a bag.

Hector J

I recently got lost for a night in Yosemite returning from climbing Half Dome. Thankfully I had one of these in my daypack. I hunkered down by a big Redwood tree and pulled to bag over my body and head and piled pine needles over myself. Temps probably were below 40F. The bag was sufficiently long and strong and didn’t puncture in any significant way. I lived through the night without getting too cold. I found help the next day. The photo is of the actual bag I used. Thanks to the people who made this bag!!!

Florence C
Very useful

I bought these to have in an emergency. and two for one, I couldn't pass these up for this price. I wrote this review to make sure these emergency sleeping bags were going to work. they do retain your body heat plus they are wind and rain proof. I'm 6' 200 lbs. and there is lots of room inside the bags. they are not as noisy like other emergency bags. they seem to be coated with a rubber plastic which quiets them down. definitely going to order some more for gifts for my outdoor friends

Jim Hatfield

perfect for the hiker that might get caught up in a bad weather situation

George Otto
Good one

I've owned the sleeping bag for about a month now. I've been tested it. I've been sleeping in it. So far no tears